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Our Products and Services

Vernikov and Partners Group offers you services in the following areas:

To get more detailed information about services, prices and pricing principles, please send your request to info@vpcons.ru. We will promptly answer your request.

Preproject Feasibility Assessment is Always at Our Expense!

The main principles of work for all companies in Vernikov and Partners Group are individual customer approach and careful project planning from the point of view of time, budget and necessary resources. Usually high level of uniqueness of the tasks that we solve together with our clients does not allow evaluating the need for labor resources and the budget of projects with sufficient accuracy without a preliminary brief assessment of the purposes and subject matter of the project. In order to prevent our customers from the risk of money investment in uncertain results we have made a decision to become the only consulting company that performs all preproject feasibility assessments free of charge. Thanks to this approach we let our customers make sure of the high level of competence of our specialists not during a half-an-hour presentation, but in the course of intensive practical cooperation.

This unusual approach is completely natural to us, since judging from the experience we can see that in the majority of cases the customers are unsatisfied with the project results because of incorrect planning of the project objectives and results at the very first stage of cooperation. We highly value our reputation and never economize on the main components of success. Most people have already got used to free diagnostics at car service centers and medical institutions that care about the comfort of their clients. Now we are glad to be the first company offering such service in the sphere of consulting. We hope that with time this will become a good tradition in all professional service areas. The offer of free preproject feasibility assessment is permanent in all Vernikov and Partners Group companies.



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